Rice Husk Briquette

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:

35-40 kg/bags

Delivery Detail:

As above


Rice husk briquette

Produced 100% from rice husk, Rice husk pellets and rice husk briquettes can replace DO, FO oil, coal... Especially by using them, we can save 50% cost comparing to using DO oil and 40% coal

- Sulphur, Cacbondioxic, Nitogen are low

- Reduce environment Pollution

- For using: open fires, stoves chimeras and fire pits, etc


- Diameter: 60cm-90cm

- Length: 20cm-100cm

- Moisture: 8% max

- Sulphur content: 0.08%

- Calorific: 3,600-4,100kcal/kg

- Ash content: 15%



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